10 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

2 months ago I was on the phone with a former client of mine.

I worked with her for a couple years. She saw a huge transformation and loved working with me.

But it’s been more than 4 years since we’ve worked together.

I was happy to hear she’s kept the weight off, she’s still exercising, and they even bring up my name in their house from time to time.

She said I changed her life. And that I’m part of their family.

And on that note, I’ll transition to telling you 10 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer.

It will change your life while you’re working with a Trainer, but it will also change every year of your life after that for the better!

Scroll down to read the list or watch it as a Video below!

1. You Learn Proper Form So You DON’T Get Hurt and DO Get the Best Results

Even if this was the only thing on this list, it would make getting a Personal Trainer worth it. If you don’t learn proper form you won’t get the best results. And worse than that, you may get hurt or seriously injured.

Without a doubt Strength Training is the BEST use of your time in the gym and the fastest way to change your body by toning you up and boosting your metabolism so you can lose weight faster (while eating more tacos. Woohoo!) BUT you must do the exercises properly.

A good Personal Trainer has studied Human Anatomy (the body’s structure) and Physiology (how the body moves.) They’ve also helped hundreds of clients before you.

They’ve got both the textbook knowledge AND the real world practical experience that makes someone an expert.

Let me put it to you simply.

If you learn the right form, which a good Personal Trainer will teach you, you’ll get amazing results and stay safe!

If you don’t hire a Trainer and don’t learn good form, you definitely won’t get the best results possible and more than likely you’ll end up with an injury which may set you back farther from your goal than when you started.

2. You Get a Personalized Workout Plan With Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

The most important thing is knowing the proper form for each exercise.

But the second most important thing is knowing how many days to workout, which exercises to do, how much to rest between sets, how many sets to do for each exercise, and how many reps to do.

Wow! That seems a whole lot more complicated than just “putting together a workout.” And the truth is, it IS more complicated than that!

Anyone, even you, could put together a workout that would exhaust even an olympic athlete. But exhausting a client, contrary to what many people think, does NOT mean it was a good workout.

In fact, having workouts that are too hard can be even more dangerous than workouts that are too easy.

You want a workout tailored to YOU, and YOUR GOALS, and Your CURRENT Fitness Level. Just like goldilocks and the 3 bears, we need your workout to not be too easy, not be too hard, but to be justttt right!

That’s what a Personal Trainer does for you.

Going back to our Olympic Athlete example earlier… Just like for the Athlete, the goal for your workouts is NOT to make you sore, sweaty, and tired. The goal is to make you better! Better today. Better tomorrow. Better next week. Better next month. And better next year!

That requires knowledge of your current situation combined with a knowledge of what does and doesn’t work when it comes to putting together a workout.

Done correctly, a Personal Trainer won’t just ensure you get great results. They’ll ensure you get great results while also making the process enjoyable. I’ve had client after client tell me they’re shocked at their amazing results despite the workouts never feeling super difficult.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you know you’re working with an expert.

Remember, anybody with ZERO expertise can make a hard workout. But who can make an EFFECTIVE and ENJOYABLE workout plan for the next 3, 6, 12 months? A good Personal Trainer.

3. You Have Someone to Hold You Accountable (It’s Way Easier to Bail on Yourself)

Here’s a conversation from a phone call with a potential client I had last week.

Me: “Why are you interested in working with a Trainer instead of doing this on your own again?”

Them: “Nate, I’ve started and stopped workout plans for the past few months and I just won’t do it. It’s so easy to not show up to the gym if I don’t have anyone waiting on me. I need some accountability!”

That’s just it. It’s always easier to bail on ourselves than it is to bail on a friend. Especially someone you like, that you know is in your corner and doing everything they can to help you succeed.

You are so much more likely to show up when you have an appointment on the calendar with someone expecting you.

Plus, it’s a whole lot more motivating to show up for a Trainer you’re paying hundreds of dollars to each month than to show up to your $20 per month gym.

4. You Have Someone to Motivate You and Push You On Those Hard Sets

The hardest part of any workout plan is making it to the gym. Once you’ve made it, half the battle is over.

At that point, whether you put in a 5/10 effort, a 10/10 effort, or anywhere in between…you’ve done a good job and you’re definitely going to make progress.

But if you’re going to workout, you might as well give it your best. A good Trainer will be your coach and cheerleader and will motivate you to do a little more weight, a few more reps, and go a little longer than you would have on your own. These small differences add up to even faster progress over time!

Plus, if you happen to be some of the few clients we see who have a Type A personality who want to GO GO GO and push yourself as hard as you possibly can, we’re here to hold you back. Not hold you back as in slow down your progress.

But hold you back as in “Hey you! Chill out before you get hurt or burnout.”

5. You Get Nutrition Guidance So You’re Never Stuck Wondering What to Eat

Everybody knows nutrition is important. That’s why there are a million diets out there.

The problem is the vast majority of diets are fad diets. People do them for 2 days, 2 weeks, or MAYBEEE 2 months but eventually they fall of the wagon and go right back to their old eating habits.

A good Personal Trainer has had some education in the nutrition department. They can give you nutrition guidance so you’re eating in a way that is getting you great results, it’s good for your health, and most importantly it’s practical, enjoyable, and sustainable.

Just like with your workout plan, you need something personalized when it comes to nutrition too. It’s not helpful to give you some super strict diet (which may not even be good for you.) Instead, a Trainer can speak to your current situation based on what they know works when it comes to nutrition in combination with what they know about you, your goals, and your current eating habits.

6. You Have Someone You Can Ask Questions to So You Never Worry About Feeling Lost

Some people think exercise is the hardest part of getting healthy and fit. Most people think the Nutrition is the hardest part of getting healthy and fit.

But after working with hundreds of clients since 2013 I don’t think EITHER of those is the hardest thing.

The hardest part of creating a lifestyle change is your MIND!

Your mind…the way you think about everything when it comes to your lifestyle change…will have a massive impact on your success.

Ask (or observe) anyone trying to make a change on their own and they will self-sabotage their results. Even if they know exactly what to do in the gym and in the kitchen.

Even with the best plan in the world, there are so many ways to derail your progress. And having a Trainer to walk this journey with you and ask all your questions to and share all your concerns with will keep you from going off the rails! Your Trainer will keep you on the path to success.

It also gives you peace of mind just to know you have a Fitness Professional in your corner who has helped dozens of people just like you, even if you don’t ask questions often (though you should.)

7. You Have Someone to Track Your Progress and Tell You if You’re Doing a Good Job (Or Not)

Piggy backing off of the last point, 2 things that are crucial to your success are first that you track your progress and second that you understand what your progress means.

As the saying goes, what gets measured gets managed.

  • If you want to get stronger, track what you’re lifting in the gym.
  • If you want to get in shape, track how much work you can do in a given amount of time.
  • If you want to lose fat, measure your waist, arms, and hips.Track your weight. And track how your clothes fit/what size you’re in.

Turning a blind eye to the data is a great way to never know if you’re making the progress you want.

Seeing good changes motivates you to keep going!

Seeing not so good or slow changes is a signal that something may need to change.

And to my second point, you may not…actually you probably don’t know what good changes are and what not so good changes are.

Society and the extreme parts of the fitness industry (which is a big part of the industry) has taught us that more is always better.

  • When it comes to diet, if eating slightly less food is good, eating WAY LESS food is better.
  • When it comes to weight loss, if losing weight at a moderate pace is good, losing weight rapidly is better!


Without a Trainer explaining if you’re making good progress or not, you may feel compelled to do something extreme (and possibly dangerous/unhealthy) even though you were already making progress at an excellent rate.

Or you may think your plan isn’t working well (even though it actually is) so you quit before you can reap the long-term benefits of the plan!

OR you may understand that your progress isn’t as good as it could be but you’re stuck without knowing what to do.

A Trainer to both TRACK the progress and EXPLAIN the progress is KEY to you staying motivated and staying on pace to hitting your goals.

8. You Make a New Friend

Not only do you get the above 8 items, you get a friend.

I’ve worked with some clients for 2 years. 3 years. 4 years. 5 years. Some even 8 years!!

And when you’ve worked with someone that long…you develop some good relationships.

You develop a friendship.

Not all my clients are friends. But all my clients have the potential to be my friends one day.

I’ve got clients and former clients I still get together with for meals. They’ve become part of my family and I’ve become part of theirs.

I trust some with my kids.

I’d trust a couple with my life.

Obviously these types of friendships take time, but eventually the coaching relationship can evolve into something more than just a coach and their client.

And while not every client we have becomes a lasting friendship, you’ll always be something special to us as a Trainer. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients. Likely approaching 1,000 clients. And at this point I still remember all of them!

9. You Become Friends and Accountability Partners With the Other Clients

The only thing cooler than having an awesome Trainer and developing a friendship with them is having an awesome Trainer and developing a friendship with them WHILE AT THE SAME TIME becoming friends with the other men and women in the gym.

Every great Trainer has created a true sense of community. One that feels like a team or a family. And it’s pretty dang special when you get to be a part of it.

10. You Have Someone Who’s Life Mission is to Help YOU Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals

I’ve been a trainer myself for 9 years. I’ve interviewed over 100 Trainers and hired over 20.

Some have been great. Some have been less than great.

But every single one of them, without fail, does this because they want to help you.

Fitness changed their life and now they want to help you change your life too.

They want you to know what it’s like to walk around healthy, fit, feeling confident about how you look, and just generally beng awesome! And guess what, they will believe FOR YOU that you can be successful until you believe it to.

You have to believe it enough to take action. You have to commit to the process. You have to sign up for the program. YOU are the here of your own journey.

But a Personal Trainer is your guide. We’re also your companion on this mission.

And because we’ve helped dozens of people Just. Like. You. And because we know if one man or woman can do it, any man or woman can do it, we will believe with every fiber of our being that you can be successful.

And we will believe FOR YOU even when you’re losing faith.

If you’re faith is wavering. If you’re patience is wearing thin. We will be there to believe for you.

We are 100% committed to helping you achieve your health and fitness.

This is how we pay our bills.

This is how we feed our families.

And let me just say, we strive to pay our Trainers well. But I can assure you we don’t do what we do primarily for money.

(Now before you go asking for free training let me tell you about my rent, my equipment, my staff…my KIDS lol….I digress)

I’ve seen over and over again in my 10 years in the industry people leaving very high paying careers to become a Trainer. Not to get rich. But because they’re tired of working a soul sucking job and are passionate about changing lives.

And as soon as we look you in the eyes. As soon as we shake your hand.

We don’t want to change just anyone’s life.

We want to change YOUR life.

We’re in your corner. Now go get ’em Rocky!!

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